Welcome to the Sunset Class of 69 Alumni Association.

The Sunset Class of 69 has been blessed over the years with outstanding, dedicated Bison who take a tremendous amount of pride in our school and the Sunset Class of 69 in particular. Our Alumni Association Reunion Committee, made-up of all volunteer members from the Sunset Class of 69, have worked tirelessly to produce the very best in Reunions, Mixers and other activities for our enjoyment. The Reunion Committee and the various sub-committees positions are open to all Sunset 69 grads. If you would like to participate in the planning of our next event, please contact the Reunion Committee.

Imagine, if you will, how difficult it must be trying to maintain current, up-to-date contact information on several hundred classmates for well over 45 years now...if you can, then you'll know why we need you to send-in any personal contact information changes that occur in your life. To do that, click on this
Update Your Information link and fill-out the simple form located on this website. (*See Privicy Notice at the bottom of the page.)

With the above information in mind and knowing that the Sunset Class of 69 makes every effort possible to locate our missing classmates, please take some time to review our
Missing Classmates listing for the names of those still unaccounted for. If you have any information regarding a missing classmate or know of a deceased classmate not listed on our In Memoriam page, please contact the Webmaster to communicate your information.

The Sunset Class of 69 honors our deceased classmates with an
In Memoriam page. It includes their picture from the 1969 Sundial Annual and an obituary if one is available.

The Sunset Class of 69 is involved in different activities sponsored by Sunset High School and the Sunset High School Alumni Association. This entails Sunset 69 classmates donating their time and experience to help school groups like the Bisonettes, the Band and drill team to remain viable.

To assist our Sunset classmates, we have the most recent links to their sites and other sites within Oak Cliff, located on the
Links page.

If you have any thoughts or comments regarding the Sunset 69 website, please contact the

*PRIVACY NOTICE:  All contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address, etc) entered into this website will be kept confidential. It will not be shared or distributed. Your contact information is private: your street address, e-mail address, and phone number will not be seen by anyone unless you grant permission for the Reunion Committee to release said information.

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