Today, August 3, the Reunion Committee was made aware that the weekend of October 20 ~ 22, the Embassy Suites Hotel, Love Field, the site of our 2017 Mixer, is also the host hotel for the Sunset Class of 72, 45th Reunion. The Reunion Committee makes this announcement simply to avoid any potential confusion with the arrangements made by the Class of 72 and our arrangements. This website has been updated with the current arrangements. If you have already made your hotel reservations using the old group name..."Class of '69 Mixer", please call the number listed below and verify your reservation...just to be sure. Will update further if any other changes occur. 

It's time for our annual Sunset Class of '69 Mixer! The event will be held at 7:00 p.m., at the Embassy Suites "Tap & Tavern Hospitality Bar", 3880 West Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas 75220 (directions to hotel). Planning to stay overnight for the Class of '69 Mixer?  Have we got a deal for you! Call Ms. Kiran Sadruddin direct at...214-358-6911 and request the "Bison69" rate to get a 2-room suite for just $119, plus tax, at this beautiful, newly-renovated Embassy Suites by Hilton!


Two-Room Suites: Our guests enjoy a two-room suite perfectly equipped for comfort and convenience. You’ll feel relaxed and taken care of in a private bedroom and separate living room with a sleeper-sofa, you've got plenty of room, so make yourself right at home.

You'll also be able to enjoy a "Cooked to Order Breakfast" matter what you’re craving for breakfast, we’ve got more choices for the most important meal of the day.

And as an added bonus...members of the Sunset Class of 69 are cordially invited to stop by the State Fair of Texas on Saturday, October 21st, at 1:00pm, in front of BIG TEX, where a Class of '69 photo will be taken. Family members are welcome!

You may pre-order Fair tickets at:


Postcards are passé and now a thing of our past. We are finally giving up "snail mail" postcards and going to email, website and Facebook communications ONLY.  So it's even MORE imperative that you keep us up-to-date with your email address and your current phone number. And just as a reminder to everyone...if you Facebook, but are not a member of the Sunset69 Facebook page, please click the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page to visit our Facebook page. One of the administrators will quickly admit you as it is a private page for graduates of Sunset69 only. Once again...if any of your personal information has changed, please click here to go to the Sunset69 website so you can "Update Your Information" (view the Sunset69 privacy notice at bottom of page). Unfortunately, there are still a LOT of our classmates for whom we do not have an email address. When you speak to a classmate, please ask them if they received this announcement via their email...if not, we need their current email address!

Stay up-to-date on all the class announcements by checking the website.   

If you have any questions or comments, please click here to contact the Reunion Committee. 


Please look at the following list of unaccounted for classmates. If you know an email address, FB page or phone number for any of our missing classmates, please contact the Reunion Committee by clicking here and forwarding the information to the committee. Not only will this help with the communications for this years Fall Mixer, but it will also benefit the 50th Reunion extravaganza in 2019. Thanks!

Renner, Evelyn "Annie" (Hawthorne)
Hatcher, Charles
Crater, Claudine (Witcher)
Blackburn, Jackie
McWiliams, Janet Thompson (Mrs James)
Litke, Gene
Reifschneider, Janis (Bennett)
Starnes, Sherry Granado
Clark, Lynn
Carter, Jarrell
Hatley, Beverly (Smith)
White, Robert
Campbell, Joe
Davis, Thomas F
Stewart, Thomas
Ashcraft, Alice
Bankston, William
Blackwell, Ricky
Bradley, Norma
Brown, Dianna (Vaughan)
Brown, Joseph
Carver, Deborah (Goolsby)
Chastain, Brenda
Clark, Carla
Cole, Midge
Cope, Dianna (Foreman)
Crumpton, Marsha 
Doss, Mary
Ford, Charles
Garcia, Janie (Shahan)
Garza, Elsa
Gonzalez, Rose
Gray, Joan
Green, James
Grones, Ronnie
Gunn, Kathi
Harlan, Carol
Hearon, William
Henry, John
Hernandez, Harold
Huddleston, Mike
Hulme, Edmund
Iliadis, Despina (Mantas)
Iturralde, Delta
Jaynes, Barbara
Jenkins, Doris
Jones, Charles
Knox, Terrance
Linam, Mary
Macomber, Nancy
Mann, Stephen
Martinez, Avelia
Martinez, Diane
Martinez, Maria
Mayeux, Danny
McKay, Robert
McNaughton, George
Miller, Harlan
Mills Jr, Whitney
Palmino, Martha
Patterson, Tim
Petre, Roy
Puckett, Mark
Qualls, Judity (Bauer)
Rains, George
Raney, Phyllis
Reeder, Rickie
Ruiz, Linda
Ryan, Erma
Savary, Celesta (Lefraint)
Smart, Morris
Sparks, Glenn
Stone, Stephen
Strong, Steven
Vincent, Pauline Poe 
Wilson, Wanda (Hewlett)
Wilson Jr., William
Winn, Karen
Young, Phyllis Matthews
Alsabrook, Delman

Avila, Mary
Barton, Mike
Bate, Lawrence
Beckham, Rebecca
Bischoff, Gail
Bowland, John
Brehm, James
Brimm, David
Brown, Mable (Berkley)
Browning, Richard
Bryant, Judy
Burgess, Michael
Burns, Rebecca (Krost)
Burr, Rebecca (Lee)
Calhoun, Cindy (McLuckie)
Cameron, Deborah (DeVore)
Cantley, James
Carson, Candace (Moltz)
Carter, Shelley
Cerda, Noelia
Clark, Sue Ann (Adams)
Collins, Gary 
Combest, Wendell
Cook, Anita 
Cook, Roger 
Copeland, Carol (Wages)
Cottrell, Thomas
DeLeon, Helen (Reyes)
Delmark, Michael
Derasaugh, David 
Dodd, James
Dooley, Karen (Beasley)
Dye, Jerry
Edwards, Marilyn
Eyster, Wayne
Fall, Deborah Beck
Fambro, Karen (Javellana)
Fannin, Janice
Farrar, Vicky
Fogle, Paul
Fontaine, Allen
Fullen, Curtis
Gathings, Stuart
Godfrey, Robert
Gonzales, Ruben
Graham, Lavona
Greer, Jane (Tenery)
Gwathney, Sandra (Davis)
Hale, Milton
Hall, Tim
Ham, Charles
Hamm, Jay
Hammonds, Bobby
Haynes, William
Hazzard, Carl
Hill, Patricia (Marshall)
Hillpot, Wesley "Wes"
Holbert, Cathy (Weir)
Holder, Adonna
Holder, Paul
Hollis, Helen
Holub, Venetia (Middleton)
Hornsby, Connie (Mink)
Hurtado, William
Inurrigarro, Hilda
Jacoby, Bill
Jenkins, Jackie (Byrom)
Johnson, Barbara
Jones, David
Jones, Janice
Jones, J T
Kavanaugh, Ronny
Kavin, Kay (Boonyachai)
Keen, John Paul
Kelsey, Sara (Gerdes)
Kocian, John*****
Kuchenbacker, Kay (Pickett)
Kuczaj, David
Lackey, Nelda (Allan)

LaPlace, Ronald
LeMay, Charles 
Lewis, Lynn
Locke, Rebecca
Macias, Fidela (Magno)
Mangrum, Kermit
Mann, Gary
Mashburn, Gloria (Mrs. Donnie)
McAlister, Patricia
McCarter, Clifford
McClellin, Larry
McCraw, David
McCurley, Deborah Williams
McDowell, Gary
McElroy, Arnold
McHam, Robert
McPherson, Elizabeth
McRuiz, Lydia (Perez)
Meza, Michael (Mickey)
Middleton, Jerry
Miller, James
Moore, Coye
Moore, John
Moore, Katherine (Christen)
Morgan, Sandra
Morris, Debra
Mottwiler, Gary
Page, David
Palmer, Diane (Collins)
Parris, Carol (Jenkins)
Patlan, Maria (Grant)
Peacock, Kay (Watkins)
Perkins, Mike
Phipps, William
Pineda, Felix
Pittard, Steven
Powers, Sharon Brogdon (Mrs. Donald)
Putman, Albert Jr.
Reese, Anna (Griffith)
Reitz, Michael
Ripley, Thomas
Rogers, Gail Seale
Safford, Danny
Seese, Scott
Shipley, Edward
Silvas, Art "Tuti"
Simmons, Eileen (Hurt)
Sisson, Sharon (LaSalle)
Smith, David
Smith, Jack
Smith, Ronald
Stearns, Kenneth
Stone, Phyllis (Clark)
Stone, Paul
Jeri Stratton Tidwell 
Suarez, Enrique
Sutherland, Karen Sams (Mrs. David)
Swafford, Suzanne Fruchet
Talley, Stephen
Tippin, Debbie
Toland, Jean Cervantes
Trull, Robert
Villanueva, Juanita
Walden, Alice
Ward, Ricky
Warner, Janet (Hodge)
Webb, Cheryl (Schewee)
White, Burney DeWayne
Williams, John
Williamson, Lee
Wilson, Connie (Cottrell)
Wilson, Alecia (Tilley)
Wilson, Windel
Wingfield, Roger
Winslett, Paula (Driver)
Wise, Boyd
Wright, Susan
Yarbrough, Linda

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